When & where are the Ossian Town Council Meetings held?

On the 2nd Monday of each month at 7:00 p.m. at the Ossian Town Hall.

Where do I need to call before I dig?

In Indiana, call 1-800-382-5544 two business days before you dig.

When is garbage picked up?

Every Tuesday beginning at 6:00 a.m.; recycling pick-up is every other Tuesday. For other recycling needs, contact the Wells County Recycling Center at 702 W. Wabash St. Bluffton, IN 260-824-4828.

If I have a question about garbage pick-up or my utility bill, who can I call?

Call the Clerk’s office at the Town Hall 260-622-4251.

Where is the closest license branch located?

Bluffton Branch: 2917 E IN 124 (Suite B), Bluffton 260-824-0620
Southgate Plaza Branch: 302 East Pettit, Fort Wayne 260-744-0262

What if I see a street light out?

Get the number of the pole and call AEP at 1-877-237-2886.

Where can I get a building permit?

Call Wells County Area Planning Commission at 260-824-6407.

Can I burn leaves in town?

There is NO burning leaves permitted in town; only certain exceptions are allowed.

What publications serve this area?

The Bluffton News-Banner, the Ossian Journal, the Sunriser (free), the Advertiser (free), and the Echo (free).

When I move what do I need to do?

Call Town Hall at 260-622-4251. If moving in: call 2-3 business days in advance to set up a new service. If moving out: call 2-3 business days in advance to get a final reading.

If I see animals running at large, including dogs and cats, who can I call?

Call Ossian Police Dispatch at 260-622-7519 to report.

Does the fire Department fill swimming pools?

No, they do not.

When do I sign up for Summer Sprinkling Credits?

This is done annually, you may sign up beginning in March at the Town Hall. The deadline is May 15th.