Police Department

Chief of Police – David L. Rigney
Chief Rigney joined the Ossian Police Department in April of 2005.

Sergeant – Stephanie A. Tucker
Officer Tucker joined the Ossian Police Department in February of 1998 as a Reserve Officer.  In April 1999, she was hired as a full-time Police Officer.

Officer – Brian McClish 
Officer McClish joined the Ossian Police Department in May of 2003.

Officer – Russell Mounsey
Officer Mounsey joined the Ossian Police Department as a full time officer in  June of 2019.

Reserve Officer
Duane Klaus

Part-Time Officers
Patrick Piper
Larry Bulter

Police Commissioners
Caleb Chichester, President
Bob Miller, Vice President
Stan Reed

Chief Robert L. Mattax (1954-2002)
23 Years of Service – In Memory

Chief Robert Mattax was a faithful servant of the Town of Ossian and its citizens. Chief Mattax devoted twenty-three years serving the Town of Ossian and the community as Town Marshal and Chief of Police and performed his duties with dignity and honor. Working alongside Chief “Bob” Mattax was more than a privilege; it was a daily dose of encouragement, kindness and humility. The Ossian Police Department owes its present fortitude and spirit of unity largely to Chief Mattax. His vast and respected knowledge of law enforcement, blended with his warm smile, sense of humor and kind gentle heart made him a “perfect fit” for the Town of Ossian and the Ossian Police Department. Chief Bob Mattax has completed his final tour of duty and we regret our own loss of a man we respected and admired, yet we remain tangibly enriched by his example, his leadership and his friendship.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Ossian taking applications for full-time officers?
The Ossian Police Department is currently accepting applications for a full time patrol officer position through May 2nd noon. The process is being conducted in order to create an eligibility list for 2018. This will be a competitive process and the department will retain the current list for the next year for any future vacancies.

The process includes a physical test, interviews, in depth background investigation, medical and psychological screening.  All participants must have a valid driver’s license, no felony convictions, and be at least 21 years of age by the time of appointment. Applications can be picked up from the Ossian Town Hall between 7am and 3:30pm or downloaded from this website.
Application and Personal History Statement.   Completed applications can be dropped off at the Ossian Town Hall (507 N. Jefferson St.) or Mailed to: Ossian Police Department  507 N Jefferson St.  Ossian, IN 46777.

How do I report a criminal offense or incident that occurs within the Town of Ossian? 
Crime detection and prevention is the responsibility of every citizen of the Town of Ossian. In fact, research indicates that police officers play only a small part in actual crime prevention. You are strongly encouraged to report any and all criminal or suspicious activity to the police department.  The Wells County Sheriff’s Department provides dispatch services for the Ossian Police Department. They may be contacted for non-emergencies at 260-622-7519. For all police emergencies dial 911. An officer will respond in a timely manner to your emergency or call for service.

How do I obtain an Indiana handgun permit?
Complete the on-line application located at http://aries.in.gov/firearms/permit.aspx and click on the “Handgun Permit Application” icon on the right side of the page. You will need to go to the law enforcement agency in the jurisdiction where you live to complete the application process.

How do I obtain a copy of an accident report?
You can obtain a copy of an Indiana accident report on-line at www.buycrash.com for a $12.00 fee. You can also contact the police department and pick up a copy of an accident report for a $3.00 per copy fee.

What are the fees for reports and other police services?

  • Accident or Incident Reports $3.00 per copy
  • VIN Check $5.00
  • Background Investigation $10.00
License Type Local Fee
Cash or Money Order
State Fee
Make payable to:
State of Indiana
Money Order or Certified Check ONLY
Four Year Hunting and Target $10/$5 Refundable *
*If application is denied
Four Year Personal Protection $10/$5 Refundable *
*If application is denied
Lifetime Hunting and Target/No Current License $50/$30 Refundable*
*If application is denied
Lifetime Hunting and Target/Current Valid License $40/$30 Refundable *
*If application is denied
Lifetime Personal Protection/No Current License $50/$30 Refundable*
*If application is denied
Lifetime Personal Protection/Current Valid License $40/$30 Refundable*
*If application is denied
Retired Law Enforcement Officer Not Provided in Law Fee Exempt
Retired Corrections Officer Not Provided in Law Fee Exempt
Firearms Dealer Not Provided in Law Fee Exempt

How can I become a Reserve Police Officer for the Town of Ossian?
If you are interested in becoming a part of the Ossian Reserve Police Officer Corps, contact the Chief of Police for an application. The Town of Ossian will provide Reserve Officer Academy Training to qualified and committed Reserve Officer Candidates. The successful completion of this academy will provide Ossian Reserve Officers with full arrest and police powers. Therefore, the Ossian Police Department will only accept qualified candidates to fill Reserve Officer positions. You must possess a clean and safe driving record and have both NO misdemeanor criminal convections within the past 7 years AND NO felony convictions of any kind. In addition, the Ossian Police Department will conduct an extensive background check, drug tests and voice stress or polygraph examinations. You are required to volunteer a minimum of 16 hours per month to the police department.

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