Utility bills are generated on the 1st of each month through the Clerk-Treasurer’s office. Payment is due by the 20th; payable either by mail to: 507 N. Jefferson St. Ossian, IN 46777, at the Ossian State Bank, or the Town Hall at 507 N. Jefferson St.
To pay your utility bill online please use this link:


For any billing questions, please contact deputy clerk

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Sprinkling Credit sign-up Deadline May 15th 



2018-11-12 Ossian Standards Specs & Procedures
Amended Stormwater Rate Ordinance
water rate ordinance
wastewater rate ordinance
Stormwater Rate Ordinance
Amended Utility ORDINANCE 15-8-1
Golf Cart Ordinance

Sewer Department

The Ossian wastewater utility serves the 1300 units on the water system. In addition, units in the Kozy Kourt manufactured housing development north of Ossian, the Bridges Subdivision, and the Norwell Middle and High Schools are also served on a daily basis. Seven lift stations direct wastewater to a 900,000 gallon per day sewage treatment facility.  Sewer charges are based on water consumption; a flat rate is utilized for those who are not water customers.

Street Department

The Town of Ossian covers over two square miles of land area and contains approximately 25 miles of streets. State Road 1 provides a north-south access and several county roads feed into town. The department offers services year round including: sweeping of curb streets in the spring, road paving and repairs in the summer, leaf pickup in the fall, and snowplowing/salting in the winter. Clear and safe roadways are provided year round by appropriate and visible signage and safety barriers where necessary. Mosquito spraying also takes place as needed and weather permitting.

Trash & Garbage

The Town of Ossian contracts with Republic Services for garbage and recycling services. Garbage is picked up every Tuesday beginning at 6:00a.m. The contract limits each household to one trash and one recycle bin per week with additional bins available through the Town Hall at an additional charge. Any overflow garbage must be contained in orange bags available for purchase either at the Town Hall or Ossian Hardware. Recycling is picked up every other Tuesday. Any overflow recyclables must be contained in a small box or paper sack, not plastic bags. Packing or moving boxes must be broken down to less than 3 foot square. Tree limbs must be bundled and tied to less than a 3 foot square. Please report any problems or misses with either garbage or recycling to the Town Hall at 622-4251. Republic Services also provides the town 2 clean up days they are in June and October.
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Water Department

The Ossian water system is comprised of five wells located within the corporate limits along with 21 miles of main and supply lines. Two elevated storage tanks provide 450,000 gallons of water storage capacity.  The average demand on the system is over 300,000 gallons per day. The Town provides approximately 1300 residential, commercial, and industrial units with water service. Water meters are read for billing on about the 20th of each month.

Ossian Annual Quality Water Report (CCR)   2020 CCR

Storm Water

The Ossian storm water utility has been created to address the numerous drainage issues throughout the Town. The 3-member council appointed board meets. A storm water fee is included on the utility bill each month.
Amended Storm Ordinance

Meeting are the last Tuesday of each month at 10AM

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